Phillipa Karnick SHORT

Ancestors of Phillipa Karnick SHORT

        /-Samuel SHORT
Phillipa Karnick SHORT
        \-Agnes ANDREWS

Descendants of Phillipa Karnick SHORT

1 Phillipa Karnick SHORT
  =Richard SLOGGETT  Marriage: 1 NOV 1855, Hill End, New South Wales
      2 Samuel Thomas SLOGGETT
      2 Herbert Edward SLOGGETT
        =Mary Jane SYMINGTON  Marriage: 4 FEB 1880, Armidale, New South Wales
            3 George Alexander SLOGGETT
            3 Rebecca Jane SLOGGETT
            3 Richard Samuel SLOGGETT
            3 Maud Jemima SLOGGETT
            3 Herbert Alfred SLOGGETT
            3 Philipie Alicia SLOGGETT
            3 Edmund Edward Charles SLOGGETT
              =Kathleen Pearl
                  4 Vera May SLOGGETT
                  4 Reginald Edmund SLOGGETT
            3 Angus Cyril SLOGGETT
            3 Annie Bathsheba SLOGGETT
      2 Frederick William SLOGGETT
        =Elizabeth JOHNSTON  Marriage: 1880, Tamworth, New South Wales
            3 Phillippa SLOGGETT
            3 William Richard SLOGGETT
            3 Frederick P SLOGGETT
            3 Emily M SLOGGETT
            3 Gladys M SLOGGETT
      2 Richard John SLOGGETT
      2 Catharine Jane SLOGGETT
        =John GUNNING  Marriage: 1882, Bathurst, New South Wales
            3 Walter R S GUNNING
            3 Mary P T GUNNING
            3 Gertrude I M GUNNING
      2 Walter Joseph SLOGGETT
      2 James Aubrey SLOGGETT

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