Sophia Mary Margaret PEACOCK

Descendants of Sophia Mary Margaret PEACOCK

1 Sophia Mary Margaret PEACOCK
  =Charles CHIFNEY  Marriage: 24 NOV 1875, York, Western Australia
      2 Charles William CHIFNEY
      2 Louisa Margaret CHIFNEY
      2 Mary Ann CHIFNEY
      2 Eliza CHIFNEY
        =Mark Andres REYNOLDS  Marriage: ABT 1903, York, Western Australia
            3 Ivy Hilda Eliza REYNOLDS
      2 Frederick CHIFNEY
      2 Thomas CHIFNEY
      2 Sopia CHIFNEY
      2 Richard CHIFNEY
      2 John Henry CHIFNEY
      2 George CHIFNEY
      2 James Arthur Vernon CHIFNEY
      2 Ellen CHIFNEY
      2 Walter Sylvester CHIFNEY

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