Mary Ann (May) GRIGG

Ancestors of Mary Ann (May) GRIGG

        /-Jacob GRIGG
Mary Ann (May) GRIGG
        \-Caroline PARKYN

Descendants of Mary Ann (May) GRIGG

1 Mary Ann (May) GRIGG
  =Johann Julius ZILM  Marriage: 2 FEB 1884, South Hummocks, South Australia
      2 Lincoln Alexander ZILM
        =(Name Unknown)
            3 Hurtle Murdoch ZILM
      2 Oscar Harry ZILM
      2 Hedley Angus ZILM
        =(Name Unknown)
            3 Leslie Clarence ZILM
            3 Hedley John ZILM
      2 Caroline Hetty ZILM
        = WARNEST
      2 Gladys Irene ZILM
        = GULLIDGE
        = DUNSTALL

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