George COOTE

Ancestors of George COOTE

                  /-Samuel COOTE
        /-John COOTE
        |         \-Hester WARD
George COOTE
        \-Harriet Mary DARE

Descendants of George COOTE

1 George COOTE
  =Elizabeth HIGGINS  Marriage: 4 SEP 1863, South Australia
      2 Annie COOTE
        = HIGGINS
      2 John Richard COOTE
        =Clara Annie BARRETT  Marriage: 3 JUN 1891, Pooginagric, South Australia
            3 Ernest Horace COOTE
            3 Violet Irene COOTE
              = LANGDON
      2 Mary Ann COOTE
        = DAVIDSON
      2 Elizabeth Harriet COOTE
        = GAZARD
      2 Jane COOTE
      2 Robert Henry COOTE
      2 William George COOTE
      2 Frederick Arthur COOTE
      2 Albert Charles COOTE
      2 Florence Ellen COOTE

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